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About the category
There is an interesting fact about the story of FSR.
I know it is incredible but this category was invented by Hungarian people, with the guidance of Bathge Károly. I learnt this fact just in 2003, but I am very proud of these people.

Firstly: What is FSR?
This term is come from Germany, it was composed by these words: Ferngesteuerte Superhet Rennen. After the FSR there is a -V, an -O, or an -H character, wich indicates the basic structure of the boat.
Ferngesteuert: - radiocontrolled
Superhet: - this word refers that there is an opportunity to operate more transmitter at the same time on the same frequency but other channels
Rennen: - race

The models` power source is internal-combustion engine.
According to the engines` cylinder capacity there are 4 categories in this class. These are:
- 3.5 cm3
- 7.5 cm3
- 15 cm3
- 35 cm3
Off course the boats` attributes are not the same in the categories.
- lengths: 850 - 1200 mm
- widths: 320 - 400 mm
- weights: 3,5 - 8 kg
- speeds: 50 - 80 km/h

competition course
competition course

The competition consists of two qualifying rounds and one final.
In the qualifying round maximum 12 boats, in the final the best 12 boats take part. The competitors can take part in the 30 minutes long final on the bases of the two 20 minutes long qualifying rounds.
The aim of the competition is achieving the most laps during the given time. When a boat fails, brakes down or crashes, we can bring it out with the help of a rescue boat and can continue the competition.
The detailed rules: FSR-O_2000.pdf and FSR-H,V
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